Helping Motivated Patients Overcome the Challenges of Breast Cancer.

Support is Crucial

Who We Serve

Our goal is simple. If you want to get better instead of bitter after a breast cancer diagnosis, we are here to help. Our programs and partnerships are specially designed to help you navigate breast cancer easier and improve your quality of life during and after treatment.

Your Role

Your Role

Connect with the Why
Your doctor’s job is to manage and treat your disease but it’s your responsibility to put resources in place that meet your physical, practical and emotional needs. Being diagnosed with cancer is a traumatizing event and requires additional support beyond your medical cancer plan. If you want to develop resiliency and thrive after your diagnosis choose to be an active participant in your own care. By using this site as a navigation tool you can identify supports that best meet your individualized needs and put them in place. Studies continue to demonstrate that patients who do this do better and have a higher quality of life than those who don’t.
Our Mission<br>

Our Mission

“To reduce the fear and anxiety that breast cancer patients feel and replace it with hope and a path toward thriving.”
How We Do It

How We Do It

We have partnered with individuals across the St. Louis Metro area who have dedicated their lives and work to helping you live your best life after your diagnosis. By investing in your social, physical and emotional wellbeing now your future self will thank you.

Fortify Peer Mentorship Program

Besties with Breasties Podcast

Build-A-Bears for Impacted Children

Partnerships with reputable psychoncology professionals

Respite House

Private Online Community

Partnerships & Referrals to area nonprofits and their services- financial aid, rides to treatment, recovery recliners, informational seminars, house cleaning, healthy meals etc. 

Information on area providers focused on quality of life issues most important to breast cancer patients- lymphedema, sexual dysfunction, infertility and emotional wellbeing.



Hi. I’m Beth, a young breast cancer survivor and the Founder of Faith Through Fire. I consider myself a pretty strong person, but nothing prepared me for the day I was diagnosed with cancer. I was 35 years old with a six, four and one year old.

Finding I wasn’t invincible was shocking but harder still was the realization I couldn’t navigate cancer on my own. Self-reliance had always been my best friend, but I quickly realized it wouldn’t work in this circumstance- I needed others to help me.

If you have read my blog or listened to my podcast, you know vulnerability is not an emotion I am comfortable with. However, accepting the help others were offering or recognizing a need and being wise enough to find a way to meet it allowed me not just to survive my experience but to thrive despite it.

I want all patients diagnosed with breast cancer referred to Faith Through Fire, where they can find existing supports and resources that best meet their individualized needs so they can live their best life.

Having cancer is hard, but finding support shouldn’t be. Faith Through Fire is here to help.

Vice President

Vice President

When I was 31 weeks pregnant with my second daughter, a bombshell: breast cancer. A humbling experience when you are an example of health to others. I used the experience to dive deeper into what health meant to me and now I help other women do the same. My purpose is to help women discover what makes them thrive and provide insight and tools so they can live their best life.

– Sarah Hall Vice President 

Sarah Hall

Breast Cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. 

Faith through Fire believes all individuals are children of God and therefore does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status. We have only one desire and that is to GIVE LOVE.