Support is Crucial

Support is Crucial

In fact, According to the publication The burden of Cancer in Missouri: A Comprehensive Analysis and Plan 2016-2020 by the Missouri State Department of Health and Senior Services; the report states “for the approximately 336,230 adult cancer survivors living in Missouri, access to resources and support that address physical, emotional, social, spiritual and financial challenges due to cancer diagnosis and treatment is critical to long term recovery and quality of life.”

We want every woman diagnosed with breast cancer referred to the Faith Through Fire website where they can find practical, emotional and spiritual resources to support them in their journey.

Mentor Program

No one tells you being diagnosed with cancer is as much an emotional battle as a physical battle. You try and act normal, but in the quiet moments, the fear mounts, and you are desperate for relief.

Fortunately, You’ve asked for a Fortify survivor mentor with Faith Through Fire. You pull out your phone and text your mentor, letting them know how you are feeling. You hit send and wait anxiously. A moment later, you hear a ding and glance at your phone. You aren’t disappointed; the message staring back says, “I’m here, and it’s okay, I did it, and so can you!”


Besties with Breasties Podcast

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Join Sarah and Beth, two friends and young breast cancer survivors, as they discuss breast cancer, the ups and downs of treatment, and life after as young moms. Breast cancer isn’t funny, but Sarah and Beth can be as they talk candidly about their own experiences, the emotions they each had, and the intentional work they continue to do to not just survive the experience but thrive after it. Released twice a month, each 30-minute episode is upbeat and to the point, conveying the importance of living your best life, a universal message that anyone can appreciate.

Community Support Networks

Key to Alleviating Your Individual Challenges in Breast Cancer

No two breast cancer patients are alike. You may share the same disease as someone else, but your practical, emotional, and spiritual needs are often different. That’s because you are not a disease but rather a soul whose needs expand beyond the physical! Fortunately, there is an entire community of businesses that are dedicated to providing services and support to meet your individualized needs- you only need to identify what they are and reach out to put them in place.

Support Group


Fear Less, a must-have guide during treatment

by Beth Wilmes

Free of charge.

Emotional Wellbeing

The biggest predictor of your future happiness

Our emotions influence everything we do so having good emotional health is critical to having a full and meaningful life. Your mental state is how you process information but your emotional wellbeing is how you express your feelings, your approach to life and is influenced by current circumstances or previous experiences. When people experience a trauma like being diagnosed with cancer they have to grieve and process what has happened in order to move on from it.

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Preserving Fertility After A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

When I went through breast cancer treatment, I had another young survivor offer her support. It wasn’t until after I was done with treatment that I realized how comforting it was having someone who had shared my experience just a text away. As a result, I began mentoring newly diagnosed patients myself, and it was one patient in particular that became a driving force for starting Faith Through Fire.


What You May Not Be Told About Breast Cancer

If you are going to have lymph nodes removed or radiation and your doctor hasn’t brought up the risk of lymphedema, be proactive and bring it up at your next appointment. Healthy lymph vessels help rid the body of toxins, filter fluid through the lymph nodes and then take the cleaned fluid — containing infection-fighting white blood cells — throughout your body. Lymphedema occurs when there is an abnormal buildup of this fluid in your body. This results in abnormal swelling that can develop in the arm, hand, breast, or torso as a side effect of breast cancer surgery and radiation therapy. 

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Physical Health

Exercise- the best way to fight cancer-related fatigue

Side effects from breast cancer treatment are common and extreme fatigue is typically the biggest complaint. Fatigue is different than being tired and is often defined as a complete lack of energy or excessive whole-body tiredness not relieved by sleep. Fortunately, there is something you can do to alleviate this symptom- exercise. If you weren’t physically active before getting cancer, you need to start being active now. While it may seem counter-intuitive, exercising after surgery and during chemotherapy and radiation is the best way to fight cancer-related fatigue.

Sexual Health

Intimacy after Breast Cancer

Sex. It’s complicated. It was before cancer treatment, and it will be after. That doesn’t mean it can’t still be good, but now you might need to be intentional about pursuing it. Don’t be afraid to have a conversation regarding intimacy with your doctor, your quality of life during and after treatment is essential, and a doctor should care about all your needs related to your cancer diagnosis.

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Spiritual Health

Spiritual Support- Can be One of the Most Desired Parts of a Cancer Patients Holistic Care

The importance of spiritual care is often undervalued in the medical community. Yet, for anyone who belongs to a private Facebook cancer group, it doesn’t take long to realize the most frequent request is often that of prayer. It’s only natural when faced with a life-threatening illness to re-evaluate your spiritual beliefs. It’s important to note that faith and fear can co-exist, and many organizations are standing by to help you navigate those choppy waters.