Spiritual Support- Can be One of the Most Desired Parts of a Cancer Patients Holistic Care

Women Praying

The importance of spiritual care is often undervalued in the medical community. Yet, for anyone who belongs to a private Facebook cancer group, it doesn’t take long to realize the most frequent request is often that of prayer. It’s only natural when faced with a life-threatening illness to re-evaluate your spiritual beliefs. It’s important to note that faith and fear can co-exist, and many organizations are standing by to help you navigate those choppy waters.

Hospitals, in particular, have spiritual care teams trained to provide support to patients of all faiths. If you would like to receive faith support that meets your specific spiritual needs during treatment, please click below. 

Mercy Pastoral Services St. Louis 
SSM Pastoral Care 
Barnes Jewish Contact-a-Chaplain 
St. Lukes Pastoral Care

Sometimes spiritual care in the clinical setting is reserved for inpatients and not those in the outpatient setting. Below are additional organizations providing faith-based community support.



Spiritual Director

Matt Lybarger

In a world filled with questions about finding meaning and purpose, as a Spiritual Director, Matt has a down to earth approach that immediately puts you at ease as he collaboratively works with you inviting God into your struggles to help you hear and discern God’s voice more fully in your life. The area of Spiritual Direction is a new area for many people and Matt brings a wealth of experience in both ministry and education, assisting you, based on your wiring, to experience a deeper sense of connection to God and providing tremendous hope and the courage to move forward that so many of us need.

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Cancer Companions

Church Cancer support groups and one on one peer counseling.
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Karis House

A gospel based, affordable counseling center off South Kingshighway.
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Sharsheret is a national not-for-profit organization supporting young Jewish women and their families facing breast cancer.
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