I never thought I would get breast cancer at 28 years old. It wasn’t even on my radar. I was so glad when my nurse provided me the card for Faith Through Fire. They have helped me so much and if I have to go through this, I feel better knowing they are there.
Jen K.
Thank you for all you do! Your podcasts have helped me so much. They make me feel normal for all the crazy emotions I have.
Being diagnosed with cancer felt like being dropped in a war zone. I don’t know how I would have found my way home again without Faith Through Fire.
I called Faith Through Fire for my mom who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Faith Through Fire asked questions and then made recommendations of resources and area nonprofits that she might find helpful. You can tell they really care about easing the anxiety of the patients who come to them. I highly recommend anyone diagnosed with breast cancer reach out to Faith Through Fire!
Angel P. (caregiver)
Being diagnosed with cancer is so overwhelming. You have to make a lot of decisions very quickly and its very emotional. My mentor at Faith Through Fire was awesome. She was always available and could comfort me in a way that only someone who knows what this is like can.
Jesse M.
Thank you so much for the blessing of our stay at the respite house. To explain the love and strength we got out of our time there would be impossible. We are truly so grateful for your beautiful ministry and for you allowing God to use you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Thank you for the Wellness retreat this year. Even though I didn’t know anyone I immediately felt comfortable and connected. It was a great weekend to relax and focus on healing. I left the weekend feeling 100 pounds lighter!
Going through treatment during COVID 19 was really scary. I couldn’t bring my husband to my appointments and my surgery plan had to be changed and prolonged. It was very stressful so I was really relieved when I was referred to Faith Through Fire. I’m grateful that my doctor helped me tap into this organization. Having others who knew what I was going through was so helpful.
Susan G.
The day I came home from surgery there was a card waiting from my Faith Through Fire mentor wishing me a speedy recovery and encouraging me. It gave me such a lift and I knew I could do this and that they were rooting for me- I love Faith Through Fire!
Nora W.
Faith Through Fire, from the bottom of our hearts thank you for providing our kiddos a much needed hug from the Hugs Build-A- Bears when mommy could not following surgery!
My family had no history of breast cancer and I felt perfectly healthy when I found out I had cancer. I was so shocked and scared. Thank goodness for my mentor at Faith Through Fire, I don’t know what I would have done without her!
Katie H.
The hardest part of my diagnosis was telling my kids. Faith Through Fire made that easier by providing HUGS Build A Bears. We gave them the bears when we told them I was sick and I really think they helped. They take them everywhere!
Leslie G.
I’m a very private person and I wasn’t sure how I felt about asking for a peer mentor at Faith Through Fire. I really like that the program is through text messaging. I can reach out when I feel like it and my mentor often starts her messages that there is no need to respond, she’s just thinking of me and available if I need her. It’s very low pressure and I like that.
Kiara K.