E-Book for Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients

E-Book for Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients

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When Coronavirus reared its head, Faith Through Fire, like many other nonprofits, saw a dip in business. Despite patient anxiety being at an all-time high, many hospitals and providers were so focused on trying to manage their processes and patient safety that patient’s emotional distress had to take a backseat. Not one to waste an opportunity; I decided the lag in referrals was the perfect time to write a book regarding my cancer experience. Up until this point, I had only ever written blog posts, and while I had consistently heard from my readers they enjoyed my content, I knew writing thousands of words rather than the typical 500 would be an immense challenge.

Then something amazing happened. I sat down to write, and the book practically wrote itself! It poured out of me, and in a matter of months, I had a 40,000-word manuscript. The book outlined my childhood, how it shaped my response to finding out I had breast cancer, and my subsequent struggles and triumphs with treatment and life in general before explaining the catalyst for what became Faith Through Fire. Writing that book felt like having a 300lb weight lifted off my shoulders, and I basked in that feeling for approximately three weeks. It was in week three I realized while cathartic, the book lacked direction or purpose and needed to be scrapped. All that work! I put the manuscript in a desk drawer to be shared with my kids later as part of our family legacy.

A month later, I realized if I wrote something, it should be an easy read providing insights based on my own experiences that will reduce anxiety and help patients navigate the cancer process easier. So I started over, and the comments from my editor confirmed I was on the right track. Upon reading my revision, Lori stated, “Wow, this is fabulous! You have done an amazing job of boiling down your best points and directing them to an overwhelmed and fearful reader who will grab your message like the lifeline it is. You gave just enough of your own story to give yourself credibility but not so much as to detract from your main concern: giving immediate and direct emotional bandaging to a scared, hurting heart. I wish I had this booklet to hand out to anyone going through a medical trauma—its message is so universal.”

That’s high praise, and hope it’s deserved. I want nothing more than to make your journey with breast cancer just a touch easier to manage. If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with a new illness and are searching for an insightful and uplifting book to help them, you can download Fear Less here.

As a bonus, any sales of this book go back to supporting Faith Through Fire, and it’s programs for newly diagnosed patients.

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